Data Engineering Isn’t Just For Data Engineers

Job Description Summary

Not everyone is a data engineer, but here at Combient Mix we recognise that data engineering is a career path that many are interested in getting into. We also believe that, given the right software engineering experience you should be given a shot at making the switch into one of the most sought after career paths on the planet today.

Combient Mix is looking for Software Engineers with demonstrable back end and data related skill sets to join our team and help build a data-driven ecosystem in the Combient sphere. Our mission is to accelerate the creation of value from Data and AI for over 30+ companies in our family.

We work with some of the largest companies in Sweden and Finland that span a wide range of industries, you will be able to apply your experience, skills, and creativity on a broad scale. You will have the opportunity to help industrial companies leverage their data assets to create business value.


A Few Words From Matthew Wooller, Chief Data Engineer at Combient Mix

“There are two essential elements that I look for in a colleague, an eagerness to learn and a desire to solve problems. If you recognise those qualities in yourself, then I want to work with you, together at Combient Mix.

I have been working with data for over 25 years now, and whilst a lot of the problems haven’t changed, there is always something new to puzzle over, solve and fix. That is what keeps this job fascinating - new challenges and new twists on old solutions. With Combient Mix we also get the opportunity to learn about the business models and ways of working across numerous domains, everything from telecoms to automotive, mining to chocolate.

Come and join us - I look forward to fixing things with you and making the data driven workplace of our clients a more useful, productive and innovative space!”


One of Mix’s clients makes heavy construction machinery. Each machine has software and sensors that collect huge quantities of data that has, up until now, remained unexplored.

Data scientists from Combient Mix were among the first to dig into the data once it had been liberated from the machinery. The data scientists uncovered many interesting facets to the data that they felt could be of significance. Working with the business, Mix sketched a roadmap that incorporated a series of MVPs that would be built from the data. The client responded by making Mix a core component in their data-driven journey.

Mix data engineers built up a data lake from scratch and are now engaged in developing pipelines for automatic retrieval of data from machinery across the world.

With access to the data Mix data scientists have constructed a BI tool and a machine learning model - both aimed at facilitating data-led decision making. Algorithms are made production-ready by our machine learning engineers.

The analytical solutions we are building are expected to be rolled out as products within the next couple of years and we will be supporting our client through the process, from data exploration to machine learning models.

Combient Mix offers you;

  • A chance to be part of Combient Mix' continuous growth and make your mark in accelerating data usage in the Nordics
  • An opportunity to work with globally known companies from multiple industries, such as telecommunication, banking, and manufacturing
  • A role that provides you with continuous learning in the world of data, AI, and machine learning. You could also contribute to choosing the most suitable technologies to work with
  • The support of a fast-moving, ever-growing team that consists of more than 35 talented data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data engineers with diverse skill sets
  • A diverse and open work environment - Combient Mix team consists of multiple nationalities and backgrounds
  • Sports, culture, and lunch benefits, and an occupational health care
  • Flexibility to work remotely

We hope you to have;

  • A minimum of few years of experience in relevant roles where you have a demonstrated history of working with data-intensive tasks as a programmer or as a software developer
  • Skills in cloud platforms and/or architectures, such as Azure, AWS and/or Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience of programming and working with data and databases
  • Good communication skills and a willingness to work as a customer interface
  • Fluency in English